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1003: Guildford Cathedral

1003: Guildford Cathedral

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This is the epitome of a ‘Marmite’ building, with as many loving it as hating it.

I am definitely in the ‘love it’ camp. As a lifelong Guildfordian, it has been a feature of the view from my homes as I have grown up and lived in the town.

It was designed by Sir Edward Maufe in the late 1930s in a style that I think is very much a reflection of the prevalent Art Deco movement.

Although started in 1936, construction was mothballed during the War and could only be completed through the sponsoring of individual bricks by members of the public (including my grandfather!).

My print is based on photo I took of an unusual view of the back of the cathedral, which emphasises the clean and bold lines of the Curvilinear Gothic style and the colour of the brickwork.

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