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1002: Dapdune Wharf

1002: Dapdune Wharf

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In the past, the River Wey and the Wey Navigation were an important part of the growth of Guildford as a commercial town, with a busy traffic in goods travelling by barge, which stopped to load and unload at wharves along the town waterfront.

Nowadays, the river is very much more of a recreational resource, and the town development has somewhat turned its back on it.

As a result, the little gem that is Dapdune Wharf is relatively hidden away, and is something that residents and visitors to the town might not be aware of.

The National Trust has done a brilliant job of restoring the waterfront, the buildings and a fine example of a Wey barge, the Reliance, which is the subject of my illustration.

Dapdune Wharf is a must for residents and visitors alike.

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