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The Big Sky

1040: de Havilland Mosquito

1040: de Havilland Mosquito

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My graphic design background is part of everything I do, and has a huge impact on what I like and the art I create.

One of my strongest influences has always been the illustrations of Hergé, as epitomised in his Adventures of Tintin story books. As a kid I loved the stories for their adventure, and as an adult I also came to love them for the clean simplicity of the lines and colours, and the fact that although the characters are definitely cartoon-like, their world is rendered completely accurately!

Planes feature quite a bit in the books, and since I have a fascination for World War 2 aircraft, the Mosquito was an obvious choice of subject for the Hergé treatment!

For the caption I have tried to capture the essence of the mini stories one sees in individual graphic novel frames.

Perfect for any fan of planes, Hergé or Tintin and ideal for brightening up any space!

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